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           Discover the hidden charm of Laos
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  Laos Classic Tour                                          Tour Code


 Vientiane 3 days/2 nights LCT1
 Luang Prabang 3 days/ 2 nights LCT2
 Luang Prabang Around 5 days/ 4 nights LCT
 Pakse  4 days/ 3 nights LCT3
 Laos Revealed 4 days/ 3 nights LCT4
 Ancient Laos 4 days/ 3 nights LCT5
 Lao Treasure 5 days/ 4 nights LCT6
 Legend Laos 6 days/ 5 nights LCT7
 Lao Beauty 8 days/ 6 nights LCT8