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Laos is a landlocked country bordered to the north by China, to the east by Vietnam, to the south by Cambodia and to the west by Thailand and Myanmar. Apart from the Mekong River plains, this country is mountainous, particularly in the north, and in places is densely forested. Laos 's capital city, Vientiane has a wonderfully relaxed atmosphere. Many temples are home to numerous monks, all of them friendly and eager to learn. Luang Phabang, Laos' old royal capital, has some of the most beautiful temples in the world,...

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 Laos Revealed 4 days/ 3 nights
 Ancient Laos 4 days/ 3 nights
 Laos Treasure 5 days/ 4 nights
 Legend Laos 6 days/ 5 nights
 Luangsay down 2 days/ 1 night
 Luangsay up 2 days/ 1 night
 Down The Mekong 4 days / 3 nights


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