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Welcome  to Asia King Travel

Asia King Travel 's origin is Vilaca Travel, a leading local tour operator offering great service and good value for money products. Today our mission provides high quality service at the lowest price possible and to provide top-notch personalized service to each and every guest. Asia King Travel, now one of the most respected agencies in the business, continuously recruits and updates its personnel to ensure only the best and brightest in the industry. Our strength lies in our ability to partner with innovative Tour , cruises,  as well as offer more travel packages at lower rates while keeping the integrity of our vacations. Our sales volume allows us to receive exclusive offers from many of our travel operators and we pass the savings on to you.

The Asia King Travel. team assists in locating a full spectrum of large vacations to meet our client's travel desires. Offering rapid support and dedication to detail, our agents are trained to help you have an enjoyable and safe vacation.

We focus on Tours, and Cruises ensure the best possible service and attention to detail. Our company's level of expertise and diligence from the initial concept through the final stage makes us the top choice for both first time leisure travelers as well as the most frequent seasoned traveler.

Aisa King Travel is a fully licensed travel services provider. This allows our guests to be treated professionally, respectfully and receive all of the necessary information about Travel Documents, Insurance, and any other important information. It is our goal to supply each of our agents with the knowledge, support, and opportunity to book the tours, cruises with the highest degree of expertise in the industry. As a member in good standing with many of the most respected professional travel associations, you can rest assured that you will be experiencing excellence when you book your tours, cruises with us.

Please find our International  Tour Operator Licence for reference :

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